Deck the Halls with WiFi: Tips on Maximizing Your Internet During the Holidays

The holidays are a time for connecting with friends and family. They’re also a time for browsing recipes for tasty treats, online shopping, and creating and sending Christmas cards. Research shows that our internet usage tends to be higher than normal during the holidays, especially during the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Do your children …

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Drink in the New Year

From fine wineries to craft breweries and distilleries, Whidbey Island boasts some of the best to quench your thirst in 2021! Remember, when you support local businesses, you are supporting the local economy and community.

Looking for Turkey Takeout?

Thanksgiving is going to look very different this year. With the coronavirus pandemic ongoing, many people are choosing to stay closer to home, nixing their travel plans and opting for smaller gatherings in place of large turkey day blowouts. Restaurants across Whidbey Island are handling the 2020 holiday season a little differently, too. While many …

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Hot Topic: WiFi Hotspots

If you’ve ever tried to answer an email or surf the web from your mobile device in public, chances are you connected to a WiFi hotspot. Not only is this connection highly convenient, you also didn’t have to use your smartphone’s data. Not surprisingly, public WiFi hotspots are becoming an essential part of public infrastructure—especially …

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Work Where You Live: Helpful Tips for Telecommuting

It’s quite the conundrum. People move to rural areas to get away from big city life, even though metropolitan areas typically have more employment opportunities. So how can you work that big city job without having to leave the comfort of your cozy home? Telecommuting could be the answer. Since the Pandemic closed many offices …

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Learning at the Speed of Light: Top 5 Ways Fiber Internet Improves Education

High speed internet is as important to your child’s education as that #2 pencil. With fiber optic internet, students can download assignments, upload homework, and connect with classmates and instructors around the world. It enables off-site learning, cooperative programs, access to global resources, and multimedia exercises. All of which wouldn’t be possible without fast and …

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Neighbor to Neighbor: Strengthening Our Community Ties

Whidbey Telecom food drive giving back

Here at Whidbey Telecom, we believe that being local is the most important aspect of our business. Like you, we live here, attend the same local festivals, visit the same parks, and our children attend the same schools. That’s why we believe in giving back. We had the pleasure of helping with several community service …

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The Reality Behind Virtual Reality

Within the last two years, Virtual Reality has become more than a curiosity. Back then, it was barely out of the borders of sci-fi. Now, VR is here. More than a curiosity or just another game machine, businesses are finding multiple uses including those that take advantage of the other new technology in our world …

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Upload Speed Accelerates Local Businesses

Gigabit internet is here. For businesses, it can be all about the upload. Ten gigabit download speeds mean everyone in the family can watch different 4K high-definition movies simultaneously. That is useful for businesses, too; but the upload speed can make their businesses race. With traditional internet, download speeds were usually less than a hundred …

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