Work Where You Live: Helpful Tips for Telecommuting

BY Jennifer Wilkins

It’s quite the conundrum. People move to rural areas to get away from big city life, even though metropolitan areas typically have more employment opportunities. So how can you work that big city job without having to leave the comfort of your cozy home? Telecommuting could be the answer.

Since the Pandemic closed many offices and businesses in the spring of 2020, many workers find themselves having to work from home. After many months of managing a remote lifestyle, commuters are upgrading their home computers and internet services. Learn how Whidbey Telecom’s The BiG GiG Fiber Network and HOP WiFi make it easier to work remotely.

By telecommuting, your workspace can be anything from a coffee shop to a park bench. To efficiently telecommute, you need fast and reliable broadband that allows you to upload and download content at a fast bit rate. Chances are you will need to upload your progress to a company server or a cloud-based collaboration system like SharePoint. You will also need reliable messaging and video conferencing.

Below are some of the best tips and apps we’ve found to make telecommuting easier.

Real-time collaboration.

Apart from storing data, cloud-based sharing apps like DropBox, Google Drive and SharePoint allow you to access data without any geographical or device constraints. Collaborate in real-time or see edits team members have made while you were away. SharePoint’s cloud technology adds modern convenience to classic Microsoft apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Never miss a meeting.

Modern teleconferencing and chat tools are a telecommuter’s dream. The Microsoft Teams app integrates video, voice and screen sharing, even allowing you to bring in out-of-network users. Another option is Zoom, which features HD video conferencing, recording, and screen sharing from mobile or desktop. Zoom also allows users to share an interactive whiteboard and send images and audio files during your meeting. 

Organize anything, with anyone, from anywhere.

Project management apps such as AirTable and Asana help businesses track employee progress and assign tasks and subtasks in a single program. Employees can share their files, as well as send and receive reminder notices and comments. Some apps, like Asana, can also integrate with many other popular web services, including Google Drive, Slack, MailChimp and more. Most of these apps have free versions, as well as paid monthly plans with some heftier features.

Have a great support team behind you.

We’re local, like you. We know what it means to work in a place you love. The best part of using internet and WiFi services through Whidbey Telecom is that we handle any problems that come up, so you and your team can focus on what you do best.

With the expansion of The BiG GiG Fiber Network, we’ve made it even easier to work on Whidbey, either as a telecommuter or home-based business. Synchronous upload AND download fiber internet access speeds of up to 1000 Mbps make it possible to run all these tools and more from your home, without having to sacrifice speed or reliability. And with numerous WiFi hotspots available throughout South Whidbey, your office space is virtually limitless.

1Article from ”Stats Show Growth in Commuting in County,” South Whidbey Record, July 31, 2019 Edition.
Blog article updated: 11/20

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