FAQs: Whidbey Telecom and COVID-19

How is Whidbey Telecom responding to COVID-19?

We’ve taken measures recommended by health authorities and closed facilities to the public. We continue to follow the State and Local Health Guidelines, and train and equip our employees to take all recommended precautions so that you and our teams can feel safe when visiting your home or business.

As we work together to slow and contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Whidbey Telecom customers can have peace of mind that we are prepared.

What is Whidbey Telecom doing for customers who may be experiencing hardships due to COVID-19?

There will be no late fees or disconnects during the Statewide Emergency. We have and will continue to offer low-income telephone and internet options to our customers:

Lifeline & Tribal Link-Up Programs

How has Whidbey Telecom’s Network been impacted?

Our networks are designed and built to meet current and future demand, and have remained strong and stable. We have excess capacity as usage increases and we are ready to address any issues that may arise.

Our network is engineered and built for capacity, speed, reliability, and expansion. We continue to closely monitor network usage 24 x 7 to ensure optimal customer experience. We have dedicated local staff, equipment, and supplies in South Whidbey and Point Roberts, ready to identify and remedy mission-critical operations.