Learning at the Speed of Light: Top 5 Ways Fiber Internet Improves Education

High speed internet is as important to your child’s education as that #2 pencil. With fiber optic internet, students can download assignments, upload homework, and connect with classmates and instructors around the world. It enables off-site learning, cooperative programs, access to global resources, and multimedia exercises. All of which wouldn’t be possible without fast and …

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Neighbor to Neighbor: Strengthening Our Community Ties

Whidbey Telecom food drive giving back

Here at Whidbey Telecom, we believe that being local is the most important aspect of our business. Like you, we live here, attend the same local festivals, visit the same parks, and our children attend the same schools. That’s why we believe in giving back. We had the pleasure of helping with several community service …

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The Importance of a Landline Phone

Landline Telephone

With so many choices and methods to communicate, we sometimes get asked, “How important it is to keep an active landline phone?” While cutting expenses may be a priority in your household, here are some vital and compelling reasons why keeping your landline is more important than you might think. Buried lines. Our network is …

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