WUW: Langley Marina

Ahoy, matey! What’s up Whidbey sets sail from the Langley Marina. Weekly news and events. Interview with Executive Director of Whidbey Watershed Stewards, Rick Baker. Enjoy fall water activities with Krista Loercher of Whidbey Island Kayaking. Our own Gabe Harshman sings and plays guitar live from the dock.

WUW: Soup Box Derby

Hopeful racers barrel down First Street during Langley’s annual Soup Box Derby! Hear from the masterminds behind Whidbey Telecom’s two carts, catch Peter Lawlor’s epic opening poem, and enjoy all the Whidbey antics.

WUW: Madrona Supply Co.

What’s up Whidbey is at Madrona Supply Co. Weekly news and events. Interview with the Cameron family about Madrona Supply Co.’s opening and Turnco Wood Goods’ expansion. Ashley Eriksson Disco Project performs in the slab room. Chat with local maker Sukie Jefferson about Sukie’s Candle Co.

WUW: Sukie’s Candle Co.

Local candle maker, Sukie Jefferson, channels her passion for self care into perfecting the art of candle making. Sukie shares the story of how Sukie’s Candle Co. came to be and what she’s learned along the way. She walks Gabe through a hand-pour of one of her aromatic, double wick candles. Experience Sukie’s Candles yourself …

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WUW: Downtown Langley

What’s up Whidbey wanders along First Street in downtown Langley. Weekly news and events. Find out what’s playing at The Clyde. Chat about old time fishing resorts with Bill Haroldson of the South Whidbey Historical Society.

WUW: Ken’s Korner

What’s up Whidbey at Ken’s Korner! Weekly news and events. Chat with Island Shakespeare Festival. Watch a performance by local band Puff n’ Scrubb at Sprinklz Clinton. Plus, catch a very squirmy Pet of The Week from our friends at Critters & Co.!

WUW: Whidbey Island Fair Pigs, Goats, Horses & Cats, oh my!

What’s up Whidbey hits the Whidbey Island Fair! We had a blast checking out some of the 4H animals and meeting our local 4Hers! Victor cuddles up to Chloe the pig. Gabe reaffirms his love of cats. Sarah Jean meets the Best in Show dairy goat and scopes out the local talent at the horse …

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