Hat Island Telephone Company Customer Information

In an ongoing effort to safeguard customer account information, Hat Island Telephone Company, in compliance with FCC regulations, requires all persons requesting account information to verify their identity as the account holder or as a person authorized to have access to such account information. When you visit or call Hat Island Telephone Company to request account information, you will be asked the following in order to verify your identity and authority:

  • Valid government-issued photo ID
  • Subscriber Verification Code (SVC)
  • Accurate responses to questions regarding your account

Your designated Subscriber Verification Code (SVC) is one of the best methods to protect and allow only authorized access to your Hat Island Telephone Company account information. To establish your SVC, you may call the Hat Island Telephone Company Customer Service Center. When visiting to establish your SVC, please bring a valid government-issued photo ID. When calling to establish your SVC, you must call from the phone service number of record.

Installation & Trip Charges

Hat Island Telephone Company is available to perform new installations, updates and/or repairs to Hat Island residents. Please call Customer Service at 360-321-1122 to discuss installation and trip charges.

Telephone Numbers

When your phone number is preceded by your area code, it is the only one like it in the United States or Canada. Include your area code and phone number on stationery, statements, or advertising items. It makes it easier to reach you. 

The subscriber has no property right in the phone number. We strive to avoid changing phone numbers, but the needs of service may sometimes cause us to do so.

Directory Listings

Every effort is made to ensure our local directory is as accurate as possible. The company’s liability for damages arising from errors or omissions in listings is limited in accordance with the terms of its filed tariffs.

Every subscriber may be listed once in the alphabetical section of the directory without charge. Additional directory listings are available at an additional charge.

The purpose of the directory is to furnish phone numbers; addresses included are to assist in the identification of the correct listing.

Guarding Against Fraud

For your protection, new equipment and procedures enable the phone company to detect and investigate fraudulent calls. State law provides that it is a crime to obtain telephone service: 

  1. By charging service to a number or calling card without permission. 
  2. By charging service to a false, nonexistent, suspended, terminated, or revoked telephone number or calling card. 
  3. By use of a code, prearranged scheme, trick, false statement, device or means. 


Tariffs which show rates, rules, and regulations for phone service and facilities, approved by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission, are available in our Customer Service Center for public inspection or here on our website

Telephone Solicitation

Under both Washington State and federal law it is a crime for anyone to make a phone call or an obscene, anonymous, or threatening nature to any person with the intent to harass such person, or for anyone knowingly to permit any phone under his or her control to be used for such purposes.

Under Washington law, residential subscribers have the right to keep phone solicitors from calling back. A solicitor is someone who calls you to ask you to buy something or donate something. 

The law requires that solicitors identify themselves, their company or organization, and the purpose of the call within the first thirty seconds. If at anytime during the conversation you say you do not want to be called again or want to have your name and number removed from the calling list, the company or organization may not have a solicitor call you for at least one year and may not sell or give your name and number to another company or organization. 

The attorney general’s office is given the authority to enforce this law. In addition, individuals may sue the solicitor for a minimum of one hundred dollars per violation. If the suit is successful, the individual will be able to recover money spent on court and attorney’s fees. 

To file a complaint, or request more information on the law, please write to the Fair Practices Office nearest you, address below:

Attorney General’s Office
900 4th Ste 200
Seattle, Washington 98164

If you are filing a complaint, please include as much information as possible about the name and address of the company or charity, the time you received the calls, and the nature of the calls. 

For more information on how to recognize and respond to telephone scams, follow our telemarketers resource link here.