Artist Profile: Peggy Moe

Local artist Peggy Moe makes whimsical paper flowers that can brighten any space, and she enjoys teaching others how to do the same.

“Somebody once asked me to do some bouquets for the Women on Whidbey (WOW) Conference,” explains Peggy. “Then other people saw that and now I’m giving a class, teaching other women how to do this.”

Peggy comes from a family of artists, though she wouldn’t describe herself as one. “Anybody can do my flowers,” says Peggy cheerfully. Instead, she describes her art as “color therapy” which helped during a time when her husband was away.

Peggy Moe first made a bouquet with her daughter for her bedroom. She continued making them, and they gradually became more and more intricate. Her niece, who is half-Japanese, asked Peggy to make a bouquet for her wedding. Peggy used an assortment of origami paper and anime, making the flowers not only beautiful and creative, but unique to her niece and the special occasion.

When Peggy teaches others, her advice is simple and humble. “Just play with it; it doesn’t have to be perfect,” she says easily. “In the end, it’s just a bunch of paper. Just play with the colors and see what speaks to you.”

To learn more about Peggy Moe and her work, watch the production Artistic Energy: Peggy Moe here.

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