Whidbey Island Virtual Triathlon

January 01, 1970

Location: Online

With the 2020 Whidbey Island Triathlon cancelled, South Whidbey Parks & Recreation has organized a virtual triathlon. A virtual race is a race that can be completed wherever you are. Participants can choose to use a treadmill or stationary bike, cycle outside on neighborhood streets, or ru on a a nearby track. Run your race, at your pace, anywhere in the world where it’s safe to do so.

Times will be self-reported. You will receive a packet in the mail after completing the race. There will be no on-course race support, and no awards for placing. The race can be completed anytime between July 24 and August 2, 2020. Complete your challenge within a 48-hour time-frame during that period.

The registration fee is $40 per person (whether individual or team competition).

For more information visit: http://swparks.org/recreation/whidbey-island-triathlon/